You’ve worked on how to optimize your title tag and followed our best practices. If you haven’t read our guide you can find it here:


What is title tag

What is meta description


There are lot of features and details that you might not know where to start with your Shopify website.


Where Can You Edit Your Title Tag?


When you create a product or a page for your site, you’ll see the WYSIWYG editor and the first input field will be “Title.”


Product page:


edit title tag shopify


Here’s Shopify Page creator:


add title tag shopify


If you added your product or page title on your Shopify site, you will be able to see the title on your product page:


add title shopify


If you right click and click Inspect Element, you’ll notice that the title has <h1> heading tag associated with the title of your product page.


title tag shopify


However, if you want to customize your title tag for your particular product or page, you’ll need to click “Edit website SEO.”


how to edit title tag shopify


Here, you’ll be able to add your title tag along with your meta description which won’t be seen on the page itself, but on Google SERPs.


add title tag meta description shopify


Your title and heading tag should be different since you have an opportunity to provide more data to search engines as to what your page is about.


You also want to optimize your title so that your search engine results provides users a glimpse of what your page benefit them.


When you create a product or a page for your site, you’ll see the WYSIWYG editor and the second input field will be added to the meta description.


edit title tag shopify


Your product description and specifications should be written like the example below:


product description and specifications example shopify


Shopify will add as many words of your description in their “Search engine listing preview” meta input as possible, shown below:


how to add meta description shopify


To clean up your meta description and enter your own customized meta description for your product, click on Edit website SEO.


add title tag meta description shopify


Adding meta description when creating a page or post is easy. The “Edit website SEO” button is located at the bottom of each page or post for you to add your meta description.


add title tag shopify

meta description shopify


Using an App on Shopify to Edit Your Title and Meta Description


If you have ton of product pages on your shopify site, you might not be able to identify all of your product pages that needs optimization.


You can use app like FavSEO to edit your product pages in bulk:


app SEO shopify


We’ve learned how to update your title and meta description. Shopify made it easy to locate these two Both title tag and meta descriptions are visible on search engine results page (SERP).


It is important to provide additional information rather than providing the same content you have on your page.


You might have 10 pages or 1000s of product pages. Do take your time and dedicate your site by crafting SEO optimized title and meta description that helps both search engines and users identify and relate to their intent.